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July 25, 2013
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Vitrum-Academy: Taylor by Red-RainGoddess Vitrum-Academy: Taylor by Red-RainGoddess
*Edit* Yay I got in to :iconvitrum-academy:

 Taylor Ricard Jameson (Taylor)




 -Heighten senses (Smell, Sight, and Hearing)
 -A bit stronger then a human
 -Very Agile

 -Isn't smart
 -Can be easily distracted
-Fear of red eyes (this is due to the creature that attacked him having red eyes)

 Taylor is very easy going and loves to make others smile. He's a prankster at times and likes to gain a few laughs but unforunately that comes at an expense. While Taylor misses his old life as a human he knows that he must move on with what he is now. Taylor hates to be left out of anything this which makes him very nosy and curious. He also has a minor case of ADD so he struggles to keep attention for long period of times. One most important trait of Taylor is that he's extremely friendly however there is one thing.

Taylor's has a morbid fear of red eyes so it's hard for Taylor to gain the courage to get close to one that has red eyes. Besides that fact Taylor loves to be close to most people some times though he forgets that those who don't like people close to their 'bubble' are not so friendly back to him. Taylor is only depress whenever someone brings up the topic about his father but that's it.

Taylor's childhood was pretty normal, he was an only child to a lovely couple named Alan and Marie. They lived in a small town surrounded by woods and close to a odd island that was on the other side of the lake by the woods. Strangely enough Taylor wasn't always a werwolf he was once human. He loved to play sports even helping his soccer team get 2 place in a local soccer tournament. He went through elemantary with okay grades but in highschool he struggled to get through. His school years were the most memorable to him as he was one of the more popular kids.

At the age of 18, weeks after Taylor graduated from highschool his father decided to invite Taylor to go hunting with him. Shortly after both his father and him were out in the woods hunting for bucks and smaller animals. There was a rustle beside the bushes next to them which alarmed Taylor's father. Taylor's father pushed the bush leaves aside to reveal a large creature with red
eyes it lunged out and gouge out his throat. Taylor went after his father's grabbled scream and saw the beast with his father bleeding to death. As Taylor went to go save him the beast throw Taylor a ways off and then dealt the final blow to his father. Devasted Taylor shot his shotgun at the beast and gazed it on the shoulder in the creature's anger it lashed out at Taylor getting him at the neck. Eventually the creature fled believeing the two were dead however Taylor was still alive.

Taylor crawl to the nearby lake and drifted on a log to the other side of the lake. Barely alive Taylor make his way into the bush which then he collasped making some rustling noise. Moments later two people arrived to his aid bringing him to a clearing where they treated him. What saved Taylor was the kind heart of a pureblooded werewolf named Alana and with the help of Vanara name Balfur. Together Alana and Balfur save Taylor however Alana changed Taylor into a werewolf in the attempt. He managed to learn how to live as a werewolf due to Alana's teachings but as time passed on he knew he had to leave the woods and go else where to further strengthen himself so he left.

Days turn to weeks and weeks to months eventually it was another a year later and Taylor was now 19. He travelled far away from his hometown but he caught word of an academy that educate creatures like him. He rushed towards the academy and hoped they would take him in and teach him to become stronger in both strength and mind and especially learn how to disguise himself back into a more human state.

-Father: Alan Jameson (decreased)
-Mother: Marie Jameson

[Friends outside of the academy]
-Balfur (he considers him a friend even though they don't really know each other)

[Friends within the academy]


A ferret named Toby

 -Loves to pull Pranks
 -Love to play any sport but loves Soccer the most
 -Struggles to hide his wolf like feature but he hopes to train himself to do a complete human form
 -Loves girls and boys (he's Bisexual)
-He's 5'9 feet in human form and 6'6 feet in werewolf form
-His weight in human form is 138 pounds and his weight in werewolf form is 198 pounds

-Steak and Potatoes
-(Werewolf) Small creatures
-(Werewolf) Bones

-Poetry/Shakesphere (it's boring to him)
-Whiney people
-(Werewolf) Silver
-(Werewolf) Hates when people grab his tail

[Additional info]
-He's a great person to get advice from
-He hasn't seen his mother since his transformation into a werewolf
-He can only change to his full form on the full moon
-He can change to a wolf form only on half moons
-He dreams about becoming a pro soccer player sometime in the future
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Quinsecticide Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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unsighted Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
Also welcome to the group! If you ever feel like rping hit me up!
Red-RainGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Taylor: Yayyyy werewolf buddies!!

why thank you I just had practice on his other form due to my other werewolf character gahhh
I will definitely let you know whenever I want to rp hee hee
unsighted Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
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mellocat Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student General Artist
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Red-RainGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Has no friends in Vitrum at the current moment?!?!

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He sounds so nice and I can't wait to get to roleplay with him!

Oh yeah and greetings from a fellow Bismuth! :heart:
Red-RainGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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