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March 7, 2012
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Z-parasites: Cameron by Red-RainGoddess Z-parasites: Cameron by Red-RainGoddess
:bulletblue:Name: Cameron Rose Legaviar
:bulletblue:Nicknames: Cam
:bulletblue:Age: 17
:bulletblue:Gender: Female
:bulletblue:Culture: Caucasian
:bulletblue:Role: Infectling Soldier
:bulletblue:Eye anomaly: Reddish brown, becomes completely black when she's hungry or stressed (sorry the red tint didn't show up as nicely in the picture above)
:bulletblue:Vein position: On the left shoulder
:bulletblue:Personality: Very bubbling and always happy which is due to her ADD. She is very kind nature and loves making others happy. She becomes upset if her friends are hurt, she does however have a scary side to her that even the parasite that infected her is scared of. Other then that, she's very upbeat, it is very very very rare that she becomes scary and that's usually when a friend or herself are severely injured or close to death.

:bulletblue:Backstory: Cameron lived her life like any other normal girl would, it was only as of a year ago she was infected. It all begun when she was 15, it was near the end of the school year for her. She heavily enjoyed sports, music, and the arts such as: Dance, Drama, and Fine arts. It was after school on a friday afternoon that her friend Cheryl made a bet with Cam that if she went through the forest behind the school that they were not allowed in for the hazard of wild animals she would give Cam her nice purple clarinet. Cam accepted as she really wanted her friend's clarinet and partially out of curiosity. Cam climb over the fence that protected the school from the forest's creatures and traveled deep into the woods. When she got deep into the woods, she found a opening. It was beautiful as it was filled with unique flowers and trees. The small creatures were very friendly and came up to Cam to greet her. She played with them a bit until suddenly they left and a shadow hover above her. She turned around to see what it was, there stood a bear and it was huge and very angry. Cam backed away from it still keeping her eyes on it until she bummed into a tree. From the shaking of the tree, a squirrel like parasite landed on Cameron's left shoulder and burrowed into her skin. At that moment she changed into the parasitic form and narrowly escaped though she couldn't remember any of it as it was the parasite in control. When she got out of the forest, she was back to her human form. It was dark now and there stood Cheryl, the search and rescue and her family it seem it took Cam a really long time to get out and Cheryl grew with concern that something got her phone for help. After a few days Cameron noticed things with her, she suddenly had the love for climbing trees and munching on nuts. Her eyes had a tiny hint of red tint to them rather then the dark dark brown they used to. eventually a week went by and for some odd reason, a few GG soldiers came to the school and searched the place. One of them went to Cam's class and spotted her and the vein on her shoulder. He pulled her out of the class and was about to take her in, when at that moment her parasite decided to help her and she morphed into her symbiote form. She fought back and managed to escape once more, as she leaped out of a window and onto a tree nearby. Ever since that day, she's been on the run and eventually she ended in Harmony in hopes they she and her new found friend Fleece, the squirrel like parasite back to normal.

:bulletred:Parasite: Squirrel
:bulletred:Name: Fleece
:bulletred: Origin: An experiment done to see if smaller creature such as Fleece that were taken from the forest would have their speed and reflexes enhanced but in the process Fleece was turned into a parasite indeed. A scientist placed the results in a jar and when he when to place it on a shelf he tripped and the jar went flying out the window and broke against a tree. At that time Fleece scurried away into the deep forest. The very forest that Cameron went into for a bet.
:bulletred:The infection: (mostly explained in backstory) Fleece managed to get to a opening in the forest where she slippered up (using it's spike and locomotion) into a tree for a tiny rest from the trama. That was when Cameron bumped into the tree sending Fleece down on her and Fleece picked that moment to infect Cameron on the shoulder for her aid.
:bulletred:Personality: A very motherly like parasite, it's very caring and helpful. It hates the fact it's like this now and hopes to be back to normal. She is glad Cameron is helping her and in return is willing to help her as well.

:bulletgreen: Cameron suffers from ADD so she cannot focus on things for long
:bulletgreen: She is very fast and agile but isn't strong at all
:bulletgreen: She really sucks at Math and English
:bulletgreen: She has a very creative edge to her and she really loves the colours Purple and Pink
:bulletgreen: Cam dyed her hair and eyebrow's pink that is not the natural colour

P.S. The stubby things on the parasite underside are not limbs so much as they are like a softer spike it has to still use locomotion to move

blank template done by :iconhronawmonstamer:
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